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Elden Ring: Here’s what talismans to use for Melee builds

elden ring talismans for melee

If you’re not sure what talismans you should use for a Melee build in Elden Ring, you’ve come to the right place. In this quick guide, we’ll explore what talismans you can use for Melee. We’ll also talk about the best talisman combos to use for this type of build. Let’s jump right in!

What talismans should I use for Melee builds in Elden Ring?

The best talismans for Melee builds are fairly situational. You should swap out talismans depending on your current environment. The talismans you use for a PvE environment may not work well in a PvP context. Always select the right talisman for the situation.

Use an attack talisman, such as the Claw Talisman for a higher burst. In a PvP situation, you may want to use the Spelldrake or Pearldrake talismans.

Keep a physical damage negation talisman, that’s where most damage will come from. Additionally, if you’re carrying heavy armor and weapons, use an equipment load talisman.

List of talismans for Melee builds in Elden Ring

Talisman Effect Location
Bull-Goat’s Talisman • Raises Poise by 33%
• Increases your resistance to being staggered
Dragonbarrow Cave
Claw Talisman Enhances jump attacks Stormveil Castle
Crimson Amber Raises max HP • Dragon-Burnt Ruins
• Buy it from the Nomadic Merchant
Dagger Talisman Increases damage of critical hits by 14%
Before Rykard’s portal, there’s a fancy room. Go to the statue door, turn right, drop to the ledge below, and follow the path to the talisman.
Erdtree’s Favor • Raises max HP, stamina, and equip load
• There are 3 variants of this talisman, the best one is Erdtree’s Favor +2
• Fringefolk Hero’s Grave
• Subterranean Shunning-Grounds
Great Jar’s Arsenal Increases max equipment weight by 19%
Complete the 3 NPC invasions in Dragonbarrow (northern region of Caelid)
Millicent’s Prosthesis • Increases Dexterity, an important attribute that govern melee handling
• Enhances attack power
Dropped by Millicent
Pearldrake Grants 5% damage negation on all non-physical damage
• The Four Belfries
• Wyndham Ruins (mt. Gelmir)
• Miquella’s Haligtree (Mountaintops of the Giants)
Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom Raises Dexterity
Complete Gowry’s sidequest, and then go back to Millicent to get the talisman
Shard of Alexander Increases attack power by 15% Dropped by Alexander Iron Fist
Spelldrake • Increases Magic damage negation
• Melee builds are generally weak to Magic
• Earthbore Cave
Sellia, Town of Sorcery
• The catacombs underneath the Hidden Path to the Haligtree
Viridian Amber Raises max Stamina • Tombsward Cave
• Altus Plateau

What other talismans do you use for your Melee builds? Comment down below.

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