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How to skill up toddlers fast in Sims 4


Toddler Sims are very cute but they can also cause your Sim a lot of headaches. They require a lot of attention, and constant care. Your Sim also needs to make sure that toddlers improve their skills and learn new things. At first, that can be really annoying because the skill learning process happens at a very slow pace. If you want to speed it up, use the ideas below.

By the way, if you’re playing the Too Many Toddlers scenario, you can use the tips and tricks below to complete the challenge faster.

How to max out toddler skills in Sims 4

Toddler Sims have 5 skills: Communication, Imagination, Movement, Potty, and Thinking. All of these skills allow them to develop new abilities as adults.

Interactions with caregivers and parents help toddlers develop their skills faster than on their own. Play with them, read them stories, talk to them, and spend as much time with them as you possibly can.

On the other hand, toddlers with the Independent trait learn faster on their own than with their caregivers or parents. Another advantage is that they don’t get sad when parents leave for work and don’t actually need that much attention.

However, they tend do be more stubborn about everything. Make sure their needs are in the green and then let them explore the world on their own.

Ideas to level up toddler skills really fast in Sims 4

  • Work on their primary skill first.
  • Work on one skill at a time. For example, reach level 3 in Potty skills, and them move on to Movement. Prioritize potty training and take baby steps.
  • Feed them before you work on a skill. This will make them happy and they’ll learn really fast.
  • Have your toddlers eat high quality produce to give them the Happiness moodlet. In this manner, even if they’re feeling sad or angry, that won’t affect their skill gains.
  • Make sure parents or caregivers are always around unless toddlers have the Independent trait. You can also hire a nanny.

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List of toddler skills in Sims 4


Once toddlers have improved their Communication skills, they’ll start speaking Simlish. Instead of babbling, they can express their thoughts and emotions through words.

Best ways to level up Communication skills

To level up Communication skills, toddlers can talk to teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Just give them a giant stuffed animal and they’ll use it to improve their communication skills. Blarffy is your friend. Simply spam Babble and Talk until you reach level 5. That’s the fastest way for toddlers to get learn Simlish, it will only take a few hours.

They can also watch  Toddler Videos on the tablet. As toddlers level up their Communication skills, they get the Happy moodlet which means they’re satisfied with their progress.

Communication skill levels

  • Level 1: Toddlers stop babbling and learn their first social skills.
  • Level 2: They can hug other Sims and hit objects.
  • Level 3: Once a toddler has reached Level 3 in Communication skills, they can talk properly. For example, they can talk about toys. Level 3 also unlocks advanced social interactions allowing toddlers to develop additional skills.
  • Level 4: Toddlers can now talk about various topics such as their favorite animals, and even tell jokes.
  • Level 5: This level indicates toddlers have fully developed verbal skills and can talk about anything.

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As toddlers level up their Imagination skills, they’ll unlock a plethora of new interactions. When they’ve become really good at using their Imagination, they’ll get the Playful mood.

Best ways to level up Imagination skills

  • The doll house is very useful when it comes to learning the imagination skill.
  • Reading bedtime stories to your toddler plays a major role in developing imagination. Always read toddlers to sleep for extra skill gains.
  • Let toddlers play with toys to improve their imagination.
  • Have a parent watch the Kids Network on TV, and then have the toddler watch.
  • Have toddlers read books on their own as soon as they’re able to.
  • Encourage them to play on the tablet as well.

Imagination skill levels

  • Level 1: Toddlers can create fantastical worlds in their imagination using their toys.
  • Level 2: Toddlers can now play with others at the dollhouse.
  • Level 3: At this stage, toddlers can name their toys.
  • Level 4: This level unlocks the ability to read toddler books.
  • Level 5: Kids can now view art.

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As toddlers develop their movement skills, they can get around much easier and engage in complex activities.

Best ways to level up Movement skills

The fastest way to skill up movement is spamming the new Toddler Stuff pack slides. The skill bar will move extremely fast.

Use blocks to help toddlers improve their movement skills. Blocks also help toddlers learn shapes and level up Thinking. Additionally, you can also use the Wander option to encourage toddlers to explore their surroundings.

Keep the stereo on, toddlers will dance to it which helps them gain better movement skills. You can also have parents teach toddlers how to dance.

Have toddlers watch BlicBlock Baby on the tablet to level up their movement skills faster. As their movement skills improve, toddlers should feel more Energized.

Movement skill levels

  • Level 1: Toddlers stumble less and unlock additional movement-related abilities.
  • Level 2: They can climb stairs.
  • Level 3: Toddlers can now walk faster. If the stereo is on, they’ll start dancing.
  • Level 4: Toddlers can now run and use blocks to build towers.
  • Level 5: Climbing stairs has never been easier.

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Once toddlers have fully developed their Potty skills, they can use the potty on their own. At first, toddlers need their parents’ help to use the potty. But as time goes by and they level up their skills, they’ll soon learn to use the potty properly. They should quickly reach level 3 without any problems.

Best ways to level up Potty skills

  • Always have parents potty train toddlers when they need to go.
  • If you have more than one toddler, one can watch the other using the potty chair to gain the skill.
  • Put them on the potty whenever you get a spare moment even if it’s still all green.

Potty skill levels

  • Level 1: As kids learns to use the potty, they may still need help from time to time. Make sure parents are there to potty train them.
  • Level 2: Toddlers can use the potty chair without an adult’s help.
  • Level 3: At this phase, toddlers have mastered potty training. They’ll autonomously use the potty all the time.

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Leveling up Thinking skills is crucial when it comes to raising kids and adults capable of reasoning and logical thinking.

Best ways to level up Thinking skills

  • To level up a toddler’s Thinking skills, use blocks to teach them about shapes and numbers.
  • Keep on using flash cards until  they can use the “Ask Why” interaction.
  • When they get bored or tired with flash cards, teach them shapes and numbers on blocks.
  • Additionally, you can also use the SimShape game on the tablet.

Thinking skill levels

  • Level 1: At this phase, toddlers will throw fewer tantrums and be more willing to cooperate.
  • Level 2: Toddlers with Level 2 in Thinking skills can learn about shapes using nesting blocks. They’ll also start developing additional skills to autonomously take care of themselves.
  • Level 3: You can now use flash cards to teach toddlers how to count. As a bonus, they’ll sleep better through the night.
  • Level 4: The “Ask Why” interaction is available now.
  • Level 5: At this stage, thinking skills are fully developed. Kids won’t defy their parents anymore, and can practice spelling.

What are the first two skills you try to level up when playing with toddlers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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