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How to successfully ask for werewolf sympathy in Sims 4


If you want to unlock the Werewolf Diplomacy ability and make non-werewolves comfortable with you in wolf form, you need to successfully Ask for Werewolf Sympathy. You won’t be able to level up your werewolf diplomacy skills until you get werewolf sympathy from another Sim.

Once you’ve managed to get werewolf sympathy, you can use your new diplomacy skills to make anyone a werewolf ally.

To successfully ask for werewolf sympathy, talk about being a werewolf and do at least 10 friendly and funny interactions. This will help you level up your relationship with other Sims. If you don’t do that first, they won’t give you werewolf sympathy.

Additionally, make sure everybody has a positive moodlet before asking for werewolf sympathy. Having a positive social moodlet can speed things up and convince Sims to give werewolf sympathy when asked.

If you get refused, don’t give up, keep on using friendly interactions and try again later.

There have been many cases of normal Sims refusing to give werewolf sympathy to their werewolf spouse. Or normal Sim parents refusing to give werewolf sympathy to their children.

By the way, you can also use the Ask for Werewolf Sympathy interaction to fix the relationship between werewolves and vampires.

As a quick reminder, the Moonwood Collective pack members place a high value on diplomacy skills. You need to successfully ask for werewolf sympathy if you want to join them and become a valuable member of the pack.

And now you know.

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