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Sims 4 Spa Day brings many new nail options to the table


If you want to pamper your Sims, you need to get the Spa Day expansion. EA has recently updated Spa Day, adding a plethora of new features and options to the table. There are two new CAS categories available for fingernails and toenails. Let’s explore what’s new.

New nail options in Sims 4 Spa Day

To check out the new nail options in Sims 4, launch Spa Day and go to CAS. There are seven new Spa Day specific nail options. If you scroll down, you’ll also find four nail options from the base game.

New manicure options in Spa Day

There are six sets of nail shapes and colors that you can choose from in Sims 4 Spa Day. You’ve got almond-shaped nails, coffin-shaped nails, round-shaped nails, stiletto-shaped nails, short nails, and curate nails designed by Ebonix. Each nail shape has different pattern options.

If your Sim is heavily involved in physical activities, maybe going to the gym or taking yoga classes, go for short nails for the sake of comfort.

When it comes to nail polish color, you’ve got a plethora of color options that you can choose from. These colors are available in two main categories: shiny-glossy or matte colors.


Nails designed by Ebonix

There’s also a new set of special nail options designed by Ebonix. Every fingernail has a different design and shape. If gems on fingernails are your thing, the Ebonic-designed nails are perfect for you. If you also want to embrace diversity, this new set of nail design options is exactly what you need.

You can use nails to express your Sims’ personalities better. You can also match your Sim’s nails with their outfit. The nail designs that Ebonix created perfectly match the game aesthetics.

As a quick reminder, Ebonix is known for creating ethnic custom content for The Sims. She created really amazing hairstyle, clothing and accessory options.

CAS nails vs gameplay nails

If you set nails in CAS, they’re perfect for everybody. They won’t degrade, wear away or chip after taking a shower. If you set nails in gameplay, you’ll get all sorts of benefits such as social buffs. However, nails set in gameplay will degrade over time which means your Sim will need a fresh manicure.

If you want nails forever, set them in CAS. If you want to enjoy the buffs triggered by having your manicure done in gameplay, go for the second option.

What do you think about the new nail options in Sims 4 Spa Day? Let me know in the comments below.

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