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Why are there tiger stripes on my Sim’s body?


If your Sim suddenly got tiger stripes all over their body, don’t panic. They’re not going to die. The tiger stripes indicate that your Sim is sick. The good news is that you can help them get well in no time.

Why does my Sim have tiger stripes on their body?

If your Sim has tiger stripes on their body, this indicates they have Itchy Plumbob. This illness will make your Sim itchy. They may also start laughing all of a sudden. To cure the tiger stripes, buy some medicine from your computer and have your Sim take it at the first sign of symptoms.

You can also sleep the sickness off. Your Sim will also get a buff for doing a home remedy. You can also brew healthy green tea to help your Sims fight off the illness. Naps and hot drinks are considered natural remedies.

By the way, if you can’t buy medicine to cure the illness, sell your computer and buy a new one. Rest assured, your Sim won’t die from the tiger stripes illness. The Itchy Plumbob illness will go away after a while.

The tiger stripes are not caused by conflicting or incompatible mods. Illnesses are part of the Get to Work expansion pack. That’s why your Sim has stripes all over their body in live mode but not in CAS.

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Babies and toddlers can also get sick with the Itchy Plumbob illness. The good news is that this illness is pretty rare.

⇒ Quick Tip: You can tell Itchy Plumbob apart from Sweaty Shivers by the presence of the rash, the stripes, and lack of fever.

Have your Sims ever caught the Itchy Plumbob illness? What did you do to comfort them and cure the disease? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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