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Best natural home remedies to cure your sick Sims


If your Sims get sick, you can use the phone and buy some medicine. If Sims get tiger stripes all over their bodies, or nasty headaches that won’t go away, have them take the medicine and they’ll get better. Each bottle of medicine costs $50.

But what if you can’t buy medicine? Or maybe you want to use alternative remedies such as natural or home remedies. The good news is that there are plenty of alternative remedies you can use to cure sick Sims.

Best home remedies to use when your Sims are sick

Sleep the illness off

You can get rid of the illness symptoms by sleeping for long hours. In other words, your Sims can sleep the illness off. Let your Sim sleep for a few hours and they should feel better.

Take a hot bath

Have your Sims take a long hot bath to alleviate the illness symptoms. You’ll notice your Sims will feel a bit better after taking a hot bath.

Wait for the illness to go away

If you don’t mind seeing your Sims suffer, you can simply wait for the illness to go away on its own. The symptoms should disappear after a few hours. However, they might re-appear after a few days.

Best natural remedies to help sick Sims fight off illnesses

Drink orange juice or tea

You can get rid of the illness symptoms by drinking green tea or orange juice. The more tea or orange juice your Sims drink, the faster they get healed.

By the way, you can use the Tea Magic Personal Brewer to make some tea that can reduce the length of the illness moodlet.

Have sick Sims drink two glasses of orange juice one after the other, that should help them recover faster. Follow the orange juice with a nap and that should nip it in the bud.

If you use home or natural remedies, your Sims may get sick again after a few hours or days. That’s the downside to using natural or home remedies instead or buying medicine.


If your Sims get ill, you can use natural remedies such as green tea or orange juice to help them get better. You can also have your Sims sleep for long hours to sleep the illness of. Taking a hot bath can also help your Sims get better.

Have you used other remedies to cure sick Sims? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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