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Why are my bills only 1 Simoleon in Sims 4?


Bills can be quite high in The Sims 4. As a matter of fact, many players complained about insanely high bills ever since Seasons was launched. Well, if you often use the thermostat, bills will go through the roof.

But sometimes, you may get charged only one Simoleon for your bills. Some would say that’s a good problem to have. But the most confusing part is that the total usually says you need to pay more than $1. Let’s talk about why your bills are only 1 Simoleon.

Why am I getting charged 1$ for my Sims 4 bills?

1 Simoleon bill sims 4

You’re using mods that change bills

Low bills could be mod related. If you’re using any mods that change bills, it may take a while to catch up even after you remove the mod.

As a quick reminder, there are various mods that you can use to lower your bills or even get rid of them completely. For example, you can install Realistic Bills, No More Bills, and others to alter the bill system.

Your mods are causing the glitch

Disable your mods and check if you’re still getting 1 Simoleon bills. If you have outdated mods, put the new mods in and your bills should go back to normal.

MCCC has caused similar glitches in the past. Try changing the settings in MCCC Settings back to default. Go through every option and set it back to default. Check if this solution fixed the $1 bill problem for you.

The latest Sims 4 patch is messed up

If you’re getting $1 bills after installing the latest Sims 4 updates, the patch could be bugged. That could explain why you bills are messed up. For example, many players got $1 bills after installing Eco-Lifestyle. Check if EA already acknowledged the issue. Don’t forget to update your game to the latest version as soon as the new hotfix is out.


If you’re getting $1 bills in The Sims 4, check if you’re using mods that change bills. Additionally, if you’re using outdated mods, update them to the latest version. If you’re using MCCC, change the settings in MCCC Settings back to default.

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