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What is the highest paying plant in Sims 4?


You can make a lot of money from gardening in The Sims 4. If your Sim has a green thumb, plants will grow really fast. Of course, gardening takes up a lot of time: you need to plant the seeds, water the plants, keep the weeds and bugs away, and use the best fertilizer. If you fail to do that, your plants will die.

But what are the most profitable plants in Sims 4? Keep on reading this guide to learn the answer.

Which plants make the most money in Sims 4?

Dragonfruit, Growfruit, blueberries, UFO fruits, Morel mushrooms, money trees and oversized crops will get you the most money in The Sims 4. Growing these plants to Normal quality brings you at least 200 Simoleons per plant. Grow them to Perfect quality, and you can cash in 500 Simoleons per plant or more.

Growing oversized crops

By the way, if you want to grow oversized crops, you need to install the Cottage Living expansion pack. There are five plants that you can grow to an unusually large size:

  • Aubergine. Oversized Aubergines sell for 200 to 365 Simoleons.
  • Lettuce. Oversized Lettuce can sell for 300 to 580 Simoleons.
  • Mushroom. Oversized Mushrooms sell for 390 to 740 Simoleons.
  • Pumpkin. Oversized Pumpkins are worth 230 to 440 Simoleons.
  • Watermelon. Oversized Watermelons sell for 200 to 380 Simoleons.

Morel Mushrooms can bring you hundreds of Simoleons

If you have Outdoor Retreat installed, you can grow Morel Mushrooms for a profit. A single Normal quality Morel mushroom can bring you 180 Simoleons every day. Get the plant to Perfect quality, and you’ll get 500 Simoleons every single day.

Grow 10 of these plants and you’ll have enough money to quit your job and start gardening full-time.

Dragonfruit are money makers

Dragonfruit plants can generate thousands of Simoleons per harvest. A single Dragonfruit can sell for 250 to 695 Simoleons depending on quality and freshness. A big Dragonfruit garden of 20 plants can make you 30K to 50K Simoleons per harvest.

Make money growing flowers

Did you know that flowers such as Lily, Begonia, Rose, Tulip, and Dahlia pay off very well?

  • A single Lily sells for up to 100 Simoleons.
  • Each Rose will bring you around 80 Simoleons.
  • A single Begonia is worth around 65 Simoleons.
  • A single Tulip or Dahlia will bring you 40 Simoleons.

How to make plants more profitable

Plants that sell for a lot of money generally need more time to grow. To speed up the process and make plants more profitable, graft an expensive plant onto one with a short growing time, such as potatoes. Your hybrid plant harvest will generate a lot of money. Try grafting a Dragonfruit onto a potato and check the results.

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