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Guidry the Ghost: All you need to know about him


Guidry is a friendly ghost that will help you navigate the realm of the dead in Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff. The most interesting part is that you can use the standard social interactions with Guidry and actually become friends with him.

If you want to learn more about him and how to interact with this flirty ghost, keep on reading this guide.

Learn more about Guidry the Ghost

How do I summon Guidry in Sims 4 Paranormal?

If you live in a haunted house, all you need to do is wait patiently and Guidry will show up on his own after two days. He usually shows up at around 9 PM.

If you don’t live in a haunted house, you can use your Medium skills to summon Guidry. But to be able to summon him, your Sims need to max out their Medium skills by performing some rituals and using multiple interactions at the Séance Table. Then, when the time is right, they can summon Guidry via the Séance Table or a Séance Circle.

Can you woohoo with Guidry?

You can woohoo with Guidry but only through cheats. First, you need to bring him to life and make him a member of your household. Guidry will lose his ghost shade but you can then use the regular interaction to woohoo with him. He’s always flirty so getting him to woohoo with your Sims will be a piece of cake.

Can I have a baby with Guidry?

Ghosts can’t conceive in The Sims 4, so there’s no “Try for baby” option even after you make Guidry a member of your household. You need to use some mods to have Guidry’s babies. Go to Create-a-Sim and use the Play with genetics option. Then use the MCCC mod, select the Sim you want to become pregnant and then pick Guidry to be your Sim’s partner. We don’t want to disappoint you, but the babies won’t be ghosties.

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Can you marry Guidry?

You can marry Guidry the Ghost after you bring him to life and make him a member of your household. Your Sims can develop a romantic relationship with him. That will be easy since he’s always in the flirty mood. That relationship can then lead to marriage.

How can I impress Guidry?

To impress Guidry, you need to max out the Medium skill to level 5. Keep on reminding him that you’re fascinated with the paranormal world. Perform as many rituals as you possibly can and try to interact with all the ghosts you come across. Tell Guidry you want to become a Paranormal Investigator, and when the time is right, he’ll reward you with an Investigator License.

How did Guidry die?

It seems that Guidry died smashed in a Murphy bed accident. The clue leading to this conclusion is a painting of him suggesting he died that way.

What’s the relationship between Guidry and Temperance?

According to Sims 4’s developers, Guidry and Temperance have a story. However, there’s no clear indication about its nature. Some suggests the two had an affair or used to be lovers when they were alive. Others say Guidry died before Temperance and she was a medium that contacted him and then fell in love with him.

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Can Guidry become human in Sims 4?

You can bring Guidry back to life through mods and cheats. Basically, you need to remove the Guidry trait to get the job done. The game will automatically replace Guidry and create a new NPC soon after the sun sets.

Where is Guidry’s jacket?

After living in a haunted house for a Sim week, you’ll unlock Guidry’s jacket, shoes and hat. The items should show up in your Sim’s wardrobe.

How can I get rid of Guidry?

If you want to turn off Guidry’s visits, find a Helping Hand statue, place it on the table and use the Disable Guidry Visits interaction.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about Guidry? Leave your questions in the comments below.

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