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How to fix NHL 22 infinite syncing


Many NHL players complained the game often gets stuck on an infinite Syncing screen. Your computer is trying hard to connect to NHL’s servers but after a few minutes, the game simply disconnects or says that an unexpected error occurred.

Interestingly, sync issues seem to occur more frequently before or after someone on either team takes a penalty.

The probability for this sync issue to happen increases when there are more players in a game. For example, players noticed that when there are only two players in a game, sync problems almost never occur.

However, when playing with three team mates or playing against a bigger team, almost 50 percent of all the games are not counted due to syncing problems.

How to fix NHL sync errors

Check your connection

First things first, make sure the NHL sync issues you’re experiencing are not caused by an unstable or low-bandwidth connection on your end.

If you’re using a wireless connection, switch to a cable connection. As a quick reminder, cable connections are faster and more stable than Wi-Fi connections.

Then, unplug your router and wait for two minutes before plugging it back into the wall outlet. This will help you get rid of flea power and reset your Internet connection.

Don’t forget to disconnect all the other devices that are using the same connection. This will help you free up more bandwidth for NHL.

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Contact EA Support and ask them to fix their servers

If the sync issues persist, probably the problem is on EA’s end. If the NHL servers are overloaded or even down, no wonder your computer is unable to sync or retrieve data.

Contact EA Support and report the problem. Check if the company already acknowledged the issue. EA is usually quick to identify and fix server-related issues.


If NHL got stuck on the “Syncing” screen, check your connection. Use a cable connection, and restart your router. Then contact EA Support and report the bug. Sync issues may also indicate NHL’s servers are overloaded or down.

Did you find other ways to fix sync problems while playing NHL? Let me know in the comments below.

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