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How to fix NHL 22 Unexpected Error


NHL may sometimes throw up a strange Unexpected Error that prevents you from saving your HUT settings. After hitting the Save button, the game says it encountered an unexpected error and takes you back to the main menu. Let’s see how you can fix this weird error.

How do I fix NHL Expected Error?

Unplug your router and use a LAN connection

Make sure the unexpected errors you’re getting are not caused by connectivity issue. Unplug your router and leave it unplugged for two minutes. That will help you get rid of flea power. Then plug your router back into the wall outlet, and check if the error persists.

If it does, switch to a cable connection. If you also have a smartphone at hand, enable a Mobile Hotspot connection and check if NHL is still throwing up unexpected errors.

Install the latest NHL patches

If this problem is caused by a bug in NHL’s code, EA has probably already solved the problem in the latest update. So, check for updates and install the latest NHL patches. The restart your device, launch the game again, and check if you’re getting the same error.

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Reinstall the game

  1. Uninstall your current NHL game.
  2. Turn off your device.
  3. Unplug the power cord.
  4. Leave your device unplugged for 30 seconds to get rid of flea power.
  5. Then plug the power cord back, and turn on your device.
  6. Reinstall NHL and check if the game still throws unexpected errors.

If nothing’s working, contact EA Support. Hopefully, EA’s support agents will be able to provide you with additional solutions to help you fix this issue.


To fix NHL Unexpected Errors, restart your router. Alternatively, switch to a LAN connection or connect to a mobile hotspot. Then install the latest NHL updates. If the error persists, uninstall and reinstall NHL.

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