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What to do if FIFA 22 says you’re too early to play


Many gamers that are trying to play FIFA 22 during the Early Lunch phase, got an error message saying they are too early to play.

Oftentimes, the FIFA 22 download process failed just before this error message popped up.

Let’s take a look why this problem occurs and how you can solve it.

FIFA 22 Says I’m Too Early to Play

  • Step 1 – Go to microsoft.com and sign in to your second account — don’t use the main account, use the account that you’re trying to fix the issue on
  • Step 2 – Type FIFA 22 in the search bar
  • Step 3 –  Locate the game that you pre-ordered (the Standard Edition, Ultimate Edition, etc.)
  • Step 4 – Select the game edition that shows free (the one you already bought)
  • Step 5 – Click on Free Trial and then Install on my device
  • Step 6 – Choose the device you want to install the game on
  • Step 7 – Log on to your second account on FIFA
  • Step 8 – Invite your main account to your  FIFA online sessions
  • Step 9 – Once you sent the invite to your main account, switch over to your primary account
  • Step 10 – Go to the invite lists, accept the invitation you sent earlier from your second account and play the game.

Other gamers confirmed that uninstalling and reinstalling FIFA 22 did the trick for them. Feel free to try this method as well.

Important Notes

If you’re experiencing frequent bugs and glitches when trying to play FIFA 22 shortly after release, have a little patience. Wait a few minutes and try again.

Keep in mind that players literally  flood FIFA’s servers as soon as the game is officially released overwhelming the servers. This often causes download problems, connection issues and more.

FIFA may be a bit bugged shortly after release. Certain glitches and bugs may have gone undetected. Check for updates and install the latest FIFA updates and patches as soon as they’re out.


Last updated: September 2021


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