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Fix FIFA 22 server connection errors

fifa server connection error

FIFA 22 failed to connect to EA servers? You’re not the only one. Server connection issues are very common on any FIFA game, especially shortly after release.

This guide brings you specific fixes for some of the most common FIFA 22 server errors you may experience when launching the game or mid-game.

FIFA server errors

  • There was an error communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers.
  • Unable to connect to the EA servers at this time.
  • Server connection issue: Your connection with EA servers has been lost. Please make sure you have a reliable network connection and try again.
  • The FUT service is currently experiencing a high volume of server traffic. Please try again later.
  • FIFA got stuck on connecting to EA servers.

You can use this guide to fix all these errors and other server-related errors you may get.

How to fix FIFA server issues

 Go to EA Help and check the server status of FIFA 22. If there are any know server problems, wait until EA has fixed them. If EA’s servers are down, you won’t be able to play FIFA.

Additionally, double-check to make sure you’re signed in to the account that you used to buy FIFA. Ensure the account is not banned.

Fix 1 – Check your Internet connection

Before pursuing additional troubleshooting steps, make sure your Internet connection is not the culprit. You need a stable connection to play online games.

Here’s what to do:

  • Restart your network devices (modem/router), as well as computer/console. You can also shut them down completely by unplugging the power cord.
  • Check if there’s a newer firmware version for your network devices and install it.
  • Switch to a cable connection as this configuration guarantees your connection will be faster and more stable.
  • Change your Wi-Fi channel if you can’t use a cable connection.
  • Free up some bandwidth for FIFA by disconnecting other devices using the connection. In this manner, you’ll reduce competition for bandwidth.
  • If you’re using a VPN program, disable it. VPNs often slow down your connection.

Fix 2 – Try a different DNS

Changing your DNS settings and using a different DNS may fix this problem.

You can use Google’s public DNS ( as your primary DNS and as your secondary DNS), or Open DNS (208.67. 222.222 and 208.67. 220.220).

Check if you notice any improvements after changing your DNS settings.

Fix 3 – Check data and time settings

If the date and time  on your computer or console doesn’t fall into the time frame available on EA’s servers security certificate date, you won’t be able to connect to the server.

Change your date and time settings to automatic internet settings and you should be able to connect to the servers.

Fix 4 – Reset your password

This solution may seem a bit surprising, but it worked for many gamers.

Go to ea.com and reset your password. Updating your password from your phone or computer is all you need to do to regain access to EA’s servers.

Fix 5 – Allow FIFA through your firewall

If your firewall is blocking FIFA 22 from connecting to EA’s servers, whitelist the game in your firewall settings.

If you’re using Windows Firewall, here’s how you can allow FIFA 22 to connect to EA’s servers:

  1. Type firewall.cpl in the Windows Search bar
  2. Go to Advanced SettingsInbound Rules
  3. Select New rule and under Rule Type, select Program
  4. Go to This Program path and browse to the FIFA 22 default location
  5. Select Allow the connection, hit Next twice, add a name for the rule, and hit Finish. Check if the issue is gone.

If you’re using other firewall tools, go to your tool’s support page for step-by-step instructions on how to whitelist FIFA.


Last updated: September 2021


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