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Is there a point of no return in Elden Ring?


There are a lot of decisions that you need to take in Elden Ring. For example, you can join the Volcano Manor or politely refuse their invitation. You also get  to decide which NPCs live and which should die.

If you kill an NPC before completing their quest, you’ll lock yourself out of their quest.

Naturally, many players are wondering if there is a major point of no return in Elden Ring. Let’s find out!

What’s the point of no return in Elden Ring?

The first point of no return in Elden Ring is the moment you set the Erdtree on fire. Go to the Forge of Giants Site of Grace and talk to Melina. After you tell her you’re ready, she will burn herself and become the Kindling that sets the Erdtree aflame.

The second point of no return is the moment you defeat Maliketh, and the Rune of Death is unleashed. After that, you’ll be throw to Leyndell Ashen Capital where a lot of places will have become inaccessible.

Burning the Erdtree marks the first point of no return

When talking to Melina at the Site of Grace, she’ll ask you if you’re ready to commit a Cardinal Sin. Her questions suggests you’re about to take a major decision.

Once you take the Melina decision, you won’t be able to get either of the Three Fingers-related endings. While you can still fight the Three Fingers questline bosses, the ending for doing it is no longer available.

The whole point of purifying the Flame of Frenzy is to not sacrifice Melina. If you accept her help and let her set the tree on fire, then the questline has no purpose.

Alternatively, you can become the kindling that sets the tree ablaze. But you need to find the Flame of Frenzy and the Three Fingers to get the job done and prevent Melina from sacrificing herself.

The moment the Erdtree is set on fire marks the end for many NPCs. If you go to the Roundtable Hold, you’ll notice many of them are dead. All you can do is collect the Bell Bearings they drop, as well as their armor sets and weapons.

The only NPC that will still be around are Finger Reader Enia, Blacksmith Hewn, Roderika, and the Twin Maiden Husks.

The Rune of Death marks the second point of no return

After burning the Erdtree, you’ll reach Crumbling Farum Azula where you need to defeat Maliketh. His dead releases the Rune of Death which marks another point of no return in the game.

After the event, you’ll be teleported to Leyndell Ashen Capital. But everything’s changed and a lot of places are inaccessible. But you can still explore the Leyndell Catacombs and battle Mohg the Omen.

If you go to the Roundtable Hold, you’ll notice the NPCs have changed as well.  Enia is looking really ill, and Hewn is extremely confused.

Before taking any major decisions in the game, make sure you’ve explored all the questlines you’re interested in. Certain decisions may lock you out of the respective questlines.

And now you know.

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