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Elden Ring: Are Melina and Ranni connected in any way?


Melina and Ranni have a pretty similar physiognomy. But is there a deeper connection between them? Are they related in some way? Let’s find out!

What is the connection between Melina and Ranni in Elden Ring?

Melina and Ranni seem to be two complementary sides of the same coin. They could be two halves of the same being, or just two forms of the same being. Melina and Ranni share many common traits. For example, they both share a mysterious connection with Runes and Torrent. They have very similar voices, and share the same eye tattoo. All these clues indicate they’re closely related in some way.

They could be different halves of the whole, similar to the Radagon and Marika model.

Common traits that Melina and Ranni share

Their scars are two halves of the same whole

The scars on Melina’s and Ranni’s face are on opposites sides, forming two halves of the same whole. One is missing their left eye while the other is missing the right.

If you select the fire ending in Elden Ring and save Melina from burning, you’ll notice that her left eye will open in the cutscene. The eye is blue, just like Ranni’s.

Moreover, Ranni’s spirit face is a perfect match with Melina’s face.

Melina and Ranni are complementary. Melina’s character is build with light and warm colors, while Ranni’s appearance is rather dark and cold. Melina’s ending is kind of the bad ending, while Ranni’s ending is the good ending.

They both recognize Torrent

Only Melina and Ranni react to your horse. Melina gives you the Spectral Steed Whistle to summon Torrent, your horse. Ranni gives you the bell that belonged to the horse’s last owner. How does Ranni know Torrent’s previous owner?

Overlapping voices in the Ranni ending

If you accept to serve Ranni, you’ll also unlock the Age of the Stars ending. If you listen closely, it seems that both voice actors are talking at the same time in this ending.

Burned bodies

Melina says she is burned and bodiless. Ranni’s real body is completely burned. Melina and Ranni never appear together.

Other intriguing details

  • You can see both Melina and Ranni wearing a ring on their right finger in cutscenes and trailers.
  • If you refuse Melina’s accord, Ranni doesn’t show up at the Church of Elleh.

What kind of connection could there be between Melina and Ranni? Do you have a different hypothesis? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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