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Elden Ring: What to do if Melina is not appearing


Many Elden Ring players noticed that Melina doesn’t always appear at the Sites of Grace they visit. You would expect her to constantly guide you into the main story. But that doesn’t always happen.

Melina will enter the scene after you find the first three Sites of Grace in the game. But after that, her visits are far and few between.

Why won’t Melina appear in Elden Ring?

You need to rest at a Site of Grace for Melina to appear. But she doesn’t always appear when you visit a Site of Grace. The option to talk to her comes and goes. She shows up only when the story calls upon it. When she has something to say to you, she’ll how up at the next Site of Grace you visit. As you can see, Melina is not always around.

One interesting spot to meet her is the Churches of Marika Site of Grace. She has has lore to share if you sit down and rest at there.

The first time you meet Melina, she’ll offer you an accord which you should definitely accept. If you refuse her, your game progression will get blocked. As a result, your character will remain stuck at Level 1.

Melina can help you level up your character, and even help you with certain quests. All the wants in return is to be led to the foot of the Erdtree.

Melina also shows up when you need to take a major decision. She’ll ask you if you want to commit a Cardinal Sin and burn the Erdtree. She’ll even sacrifice herself to become the kindling that sets the tree aflame. This event marks the first point of no return in Elden Ring.

And now you know.

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