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What happens if you kill Sorcerer Thops in Elden Ring?


Thops is an NPC that you can find at the Church of Irith. He’ll teach you three handy spells in exchange for a donation of 10 Runes. But what exactly happens if you kill Thops in Elden Ring? How does his death influence the main story? Let’s find out!

What happens if I kill Thops in Elden Ring?

If you kill Thops early in the game, you’ll lock yourself out of his questline. This means that you cannot get the Erudition emote. This is an important gesture that you can use to solve several puzzles, including the puzzle at the Converted Fringe tower that holds the Haimas cannon spell. If you kill Thops before completing his questline, you cannot access the Fringe Tower and get the spells inside.

When killed, Thops drops 500 Runes, Thops’s Bell Bearing, and Academy Glintstone Staff. After finding Thops at the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace, you can loot Thops’ Bell Bearing, Academy Glintstone Staff, and Thops’ Barrier off his corpse.

Always think twice before killing any NPCs. Doing that will lock you out of their questlines.

Can I revive Thops?

There’s no way to revive Thops. If you accidentally kill him, you cannot use Celestial Dew at the Church of Vows to atone for your sins and resurrect him. The only way to interact with Thops again is to start a new game.

Thops dies at the end of his questline. There’s nothing you can do to change that. After giving him the key to the Academy of Raya Lucarnia, you’ll find him dead at the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace. Unfortunately, he dies before fulfilling his dream of studying at the academy.

And now you know.

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