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How to get and use the Claymore sword in Elden Ring


If you’re using a Strength build in Elden Ring and you’re looking for a Greatsword to send enemies flying, the Claymore is an excellent choice. Let’s explore what this amazing sword can do.

How to get the Claymore in Elden Ring

You can find the Claymore within Castle Morne in the Weeping Peninsula. Go to the Castle Morne Site of Grace, and take the elevator up. You’ll find a corpse pile, go to the right around the corner, and open the first door. Enter the room, and you’ll find a chest holding the Claymore.

After completing the tutorial, you can visit Castle Morne and grab the Claymore. It’s one of the best swords you can use early in the game.

The Claymore’s description reads as follows:

A large sword with a long, straight blade. This heavy sword is usually wielded with two hands, but for those with enough strength, one is sufficient. In addition to the heavy sweeping attacks, it can also make a heavy piercing thrust making this a versatile weapon.

How to use the Claymore

The Claymore requires 16 Strength and 13 Dexterity to wield. Thanks to these low stat requirements, you can use this weapon early in the game.

Starting out, you get a Physical attack power of 138. As you continue to upgrade your Claymore, you can get a maximum Physical attack power of 338.

The Claymore does a lot of damage and stagger without slowing you down too much. It has a wide reach both vertically and horizontally. This sword is an excellent choice for clearing out large swathes of enemies. With a Claymore, you can deliver a strong sweep attack that can hit 2 or 3 mobs at once.

You can infuse your Claymore with Ashes of War. You can use the Lion’s Claw weapon skill to create a flashy attack. Equip your sword with this skill and your character will do a front flip and then slam the sword down.

You can use Smithing Stones to upgrade your Claymore.

Claymore vs other swords

Claymore vs Zweihander

  • The Claymore is lighter than the Zweihander and has lower stat requirements
  • The Claymore can help you deliver quicker attacks, and deal more damage than the Zweihander
  • The Zweihander has a longer range and can deal more posture damage

Claymore vs Lordsworn Greatsword

  • The Claymore is faster and does more damage especially after upgrading it
  • The Lordsworn has mostly horizontal swipes and better overall crowd control

Claymore vs Bastard Sword

  • The Claymore has better range and a better move set
  • The Bastard Sword deals more damage and breaks poise easier
  • Both are good weapons and available early enough

Do you often use the Claymore? Got any additional tips on how to use this amazing sword? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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