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The Sims 4 FAQ: Can Sims get periods?

can sims have periods

Let’s continue the chapter dedicated to Sim pregnancy and tackle another confusing topic for many gamers: Sim periods. In this guide, I’ll answer all your questions related to how the game mimics this monthly physiological phenomenon.

Can Sims have periods? The official The Sims 4 game does not support the period feature but gamers can add it via mods. The most popular mods that allow players to enable periods for their female Sims are WickedWhims and Slice of Life.

How to enable or disable periods in The Sims 4

If you installed the WickedWhims mod, here’s how you can turn on or off periods for your female Sim:

  1. Click on the floor > click on the Whims purple heart icon to launch the Settings menu
  2. Once the settings list on the screen, locate Sex settings > go to Pregnancy mode
  3. Select Menstrual mode to enable or disable this feature.

What you need to know about Sim periods

So, with the help of those two mods, gamers can allow their teen and adult female Sims to have their periods. This applies to all the females Sims living on the respective lot.

There is also a Period Controller that assigns a special token to all the female Sims on the lot who meet the necessary requirements to have periods. This also applies to all the new Sims who arrive on the lot, including visitors and non-playable characters.

Sim periods last between 8 and 16 hours and occur every 4 days. Obviously, once a Sim is pregnant, there will be no period. Reaching old age also means that your Sim will no longer have periods.

There is a series of effects triggered by your female Sims getting their periods, such as a low comfort level. There is also a Tampon Controller feature that reminds your Sim to go and change her tampon every 4 hours. Therefore, your Sim will use between 2 to 4 tampons during her menstrual cycle.

Many gamers preferred to disable the period feature as it made their Sims too moody. For example, oftentimes, when players assigned a particular task to a Sim who was having her period, she would stop whatever she was doing because she felt uncomfortable.

And now you know.

How has your experience been with Sims having their period? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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