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Why does Colt want to break the loop in Deathloop?


Deathloop is a game with so many questions left unanswered. Every morning, Cold wakes up on a beach and he’s reliving the same day over and over again. He desperately wants to break the time loop but the question is why?

The problem is that Julianna won’t let him break the loop. So Cold has to get rid of her.

Why does Colt want to break the loop?

Deathloop doesn’t offer a clear explanation as to why Colt wants to break the loop leaving this to players’ imagination. Initially, Colt didn’t want to break the loop. But something happened during the second loop that made him change his mind.

In order to break free of the loop, Colt needs to kill all of the loop’s Visionaries in the span of one day. He needs to trick them to show up at the right place and time to kill them.

At first, Colt was the only one that retained his memories. When he decided to break the loop, so realized he needed to kill all the visionaries to achieve his goal. That includes Julianna who eventually started to retain her memories as well.

Many players suggested that Colts wants to break free of the loop in order to help Julianna live her life in the real world.

Colt wants to give Julianna the chance to enjoy life and explore the real world. That’s why he wants to break the loop. Julianna hates and rejects the real world, so he wants to show her she has no reasons to think that way.

Colt also knows that all the inhabitants of the island will survive outside of the time loop. After all, he’s the only one stabilizing the loop.

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Julianna wants to keep Colt in the loop

Julianna is the only island inhabitant that hasn’t lost her memory. The time loop erases the memory of all the other inhabitants when a new day starts. She is convinced that her life’s purpose is to be on Black Reef island, and wants to protect the cycle. But in order to protect the loop, she must kill Colt.

By doing so, Julianna also keeps Colt in the loop. But he continues to focus on breaking the loop. Every loop makes their relationship even worse. That’s hard to watch as Colt is Julianna’s father.

What’s your take on this? Why do you think Colt wants to break the loop? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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