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Deathloop: How to kill Julianna in style

deathloop kill julianna

Are you struggling to survive invasions in Deathloop? Don’t know how to kill Julianna as quickly as possible? The coolest way to kill player-controlled invading Julianna is the Love Machine Method. It’s called that way because you need the Love Machine skin to get the job done.

Many gamers are simply in love with this method. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go to see if you like it.

How to kill Julianna in style using the Love Machine skin

  1. Get the Love Machine skin. Yes, it’s that pink suit.
  2. Get the following trinkets in the Examplar variation:
    • Turtle Shell: This will help reduce damage taken
    • Stone Wall: Again, this trinket helps reduce damage taken
    • Party Time: This trinket reduces damage taken when you’re around NPCs
    • Never Say Die: Use this trinket to increase max health
  3. Select any map you want, and put away your machete. You’re not going to use it.
  4. Walk out of the bunker to trigger a Julianna invasion. If you’re not getting any invasion alert, pause your game and resume playing.
  5. Start walking as soon as Juliana has launched the invasion. Walk as if you’re taking a walk in the park. Don’t run, jump, crouch, and so on. Just walk.
  6.  Try avoiding NPCs. If they do shoot at you, kill them with your weapons holstered.
  7.  Julianna will eventually find you after a minute or three. She’ll start attacking you but you must remain completely still. Don’t run, dodge or attack her. After all, that’s what you got those handy trinkets for.
  8. Let Julianna empty a few rounds into you. Amazingly, if you remain completely still she’ll stop attacking you. Nevertheless, wait for a few more seconds, she might charge again.
  9.  Once Julianna has stopped attacking you, it’s your turn to pounce. Do it quickly, don’t let her wake up from the confusion. Take her out as quickly and swiftly as possible. She won’t even know what hit her.
  10.  With Julianna out of your way, go to the antenna and hack it.

Well done, mission accomplished!

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⇒ Quick Notes:

  • To get the Love Machine skin, play Julianna until you get your hands on it.
  • There’s no need to equip with weapons and slabs. You don’t actually need them.
  • The Turtle Shell, Stone Wall, and Party Time trinkets help you reduce damage taken so you can keep standing despite vicious attacks.
  • You can use this strategy with other NPCs as well.

Have fun using this strategy!

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