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Can things get stolen in The Sims 4?


Can Sims steal in The Sims 4? If you haven’t found a clear answer to this question, keep on reading this guide.

Sims that have the Kleptomaniac trait can steal objects from community lots and other Sims’ homes using the “Attempt to swipe” interaction. They can do that either autonomously or through your input.

Additionally, if you have the Paranormal Stuff pack installed, ghosts will steal all kinds of objects from you every time they appear.

In Eco Lifestyle, there’s a Neighborhood Action Plan called “Sharing is Caring” that encourages stealing. If Sims see something they like, they can take it without any questions asked, or repercussions. Basically, Sharing is Caring temporarily turns all the Sims in the neighborhood into kleptomaniacs.

In The Sims 4: Get Famous, all paparazzi have the kleptomaniac trait. When they visit a public lot, various items start disappearing even before you notice it.

How often can you steal in The Sims 4?

Klepto Sims are allowed to steal only three items per night. But if you want to go the extra mile, and finish stealing three items before midnight, you can steal three more items after midnight. The catch is that you have to take a break from stealing the next day. After the short break, you can go back to stealing.

⇒ Important Note: You can’t steal anything at all until you have some Mischief skill. For example, at level 2 Mischief, you can steal small items such as a toiler roll holder. The higher your Mischief  level, the more you can swipe.

In Eco Lifestyle, non-klepto Sims can steal only as long as the “Sharing is Caring” NAP is active. You can’t say or do anything when other Sims are stealing stuff from your house. But you can always go round and steal stuff from them too using the Attempt to Swipe interaction.

To prevent Sims from stealing stuff from your house or lot, build fences around your lot and lock all of your doors.

How do you steal things in Sims 4?

If kleptomaniac Sims haven’t “borrowed” anything from other Sims in a while, they’ll get the “Need to Swipe” Tense moodlet. This means you need to take action and find something they can quickly swipe.

  1. Visit a Sim’s house, or go to a public place after it gets dark.
  2. Then click on the object you want to steal.
  3. Select Swipe Something.
  4. Sims will try to steal that object or something nearby.

After swiping, your klepto Sim gains an Exhilarating Steal moodlet. This moodlet lasts from 2 to 5 hours depending on the value of the stolen item.

Kleptomaniac Sims can’t steal if observed

Keep in mind that klepto Sims can’t successfully swipe the object of their desire if another Sim is watching them. That includes babies as well.

If they autonomously attempt to steal something and another Sim witnesses the entire action, kleptos will get the “Caught in the Act” embarrassment moodlet. This moddlet lasts longer than the Exhilarating Steal moodlet.

Tips and tricks for kleptomaniac Sims

  • Sims can make a living steaking stuff. You can sell the objects you stole from other Sims and earn some Simoleons.
  • Deciding what items to steal isn’t entirely intuitive. For example, you have to start off stealing small decorative items. As you gain more experience, you can start stealing more valuable things. After a while, you can steal large objects such as a heavy antique grand piano, and even pieces of ancient ruins.
  • You can steal all kinds of pieces of art, including graffiti tags.
  • Large sculptures, expensive TVs and computers, musical instruments and paintings can help you cash in a lot of money.
  • Basically, you can swipe all Sim-portable objects, including dirty dishes. However, I wouldn’t recommend stealing dirty dishes just for the sake of stealing. That can quickly trigger the filthy surroundings moodlet.

Items that kleptomaniac Sims are not allowed to steal

  • You can’t steal a surface that has something on it.
  • You can’t steal items that are deemed necessary to life. That’s why you can’t steal a teapot.
  • And you can’t swipe anything that would render a venue incomplete.

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