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The Sims 4: Where to find and catch angelfish

angelfish fishing locations the sims 4

Catching angelfish is a task that requires a lot of patience and excellent fishing skills. If you’re having a hard time catching angelfish in The Sims 4, read this guide to learn where to find it and how you can quickly catch one.

Where can I fish for angelfish?

Sims 4 players can find and catch angelfish in 45 locations provided that they have all the pack worlds. The most popular angelfish fishing location is Willow Creek. The best bait to use when fishing for angelfish is bass and frogs. Angelfish is extremely rare and catching one requires a lot of patience.

You can find frogs in the ponds in Willow Creek. Make sure to catch 5 or 6 frogs before your go finishing for angelfish. In this manner, you won’t run out of bait after the first attempts.

⇒ Quick tip: You can quickly tell if a certain fishing spot has angelfish or not. You can see them in the spawner after a while.

Where to catch angelfish in the Willow Creek rivers

The most popular spots for catching Angelfish are located in the Community lot neighborhood and in front of Oakenstead.

Other Angelfish fishing location guides in The Sims 4

  • The Forgotten Grotto has two fishing spots that have Angelfish.
  • Oasis Springs: all the finishing spots except for the park have Angelfish.
  • San Myshuno, Center Park: all the fishing spots have Angelfish.
  • All the finishing spots in Newcrest, Forgotten Hollow, Brindleton Bay, and Sulani have angelfish.

Places where there is no angelfish

You won’t find any angelfish in Glimmerbrook, Granite Falls, Sylvan Glade, Selvadorada and Sixam. So, don’t waste your time trying to catch angelfish in those locations. You won’t catch any there.

There you go, you now know where to go if you want to fish for angelfish in the The Sims 4. Let me know in which location you caught the most fish.

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