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The Sims 4: Do werewolves age?


Werewolves age like normal Sims do. They go through the same age phases. Sims born from werewolf parents won’t show any werewolf abilities until they become teenagers. Toddlers and children can’t be werewolves.

Caregivers can teach toddlers how to howl from an early age. But that’s pretty much all they can do in terms of werewolf skills.

Are werewolves immortal in Sims 4?

Werewolves that have reached the Apex rank and possess the Immortal Wolf ability are immortal. They don’t age. This ability is only available in the top tier of the Werewolf rank system. The Immortal Wolf ability requires the Natural Healing ability to be unlocked.


If you want your werewolf to become immortal, you need to level up fast. In this manner, you’ll earn Ability Points that you can then use to unlock the immortality feature.

Does the Immortal Wolf ability stop Sims from aging up?

The Immortal Wolf ability doesn’t stop Sims from aging up, it only makes it so that they can’t die from anything, old age included. Even if you have mods installed, you can’t kill immortal werewolves.

Simmers who tested this feature noticed the following:

My werewolf sim had 11 days until aging up. I acquired the immortal wolf trait, and it ticked over from midnight to the next day, and she had… 11 days until aging up.

I’m not sure if time ticks over differently, but it seems like it’s a Vampire immortality rather than a spellcaster immortality.

Immortal werewolves won’t die no matter what you do:

I also tested its immortality, seems like it stops the Sim from dying to anything! I tried to kill different immortal werewolf sims with extreme violence mod and they just don’t die!

Have you noticed other interesting things about werewolves? Share your findings in the comments below.

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