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Sims 4 now supports trans and non-binary pronouns


⇒ Update May 2022: Customizable pronouns are now available in the Sims 4. For more information, go to The Sims 4 Dev Diary.

Maxis is working on an interesting Sims 4 update to add pronouns for trans and non-binary Sims. While the devs haven’t offered any time estimate on when the new pronouns will be available in the game, we expect the option to land by the end of 2022.

Non-binary pronouns have been a hot topic in the Sims community for a long time. Tens of thousands of players already signed a petition asking the devs to add trans and non-binary pronouns.

As a result, Maxis and EA are working on adding more gender neutral language options and pronouns. This will make The Sims 4 even more popular with the LGBT+ community.

The devs revealed their plans to add non-binary language to The Sims back in May 2021. They’ve been researching global language characteristics and collecting data ever since.

The non-binary update is not ready yet, but the devs want to give players a quick look behind the scenes. They’ll reveal where they are in the process in the first Inside Maxis of the new year stream which they’ll host in January 2022.

They’ll include information on the research completed to date, work-in-progress updates, as well as upcoming changes.

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Use mods to add non-binary pronouns

Meanwhile, you can use the Refer mod to enable gender neutral pronouns. Keep in mind that this mod only works with the English version of the game. The mod may or may not work on Mac computers.

What do you think about the upcoming update? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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