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Maxis revamps Sims 4 NPCs to improve their looks


Maxis is working on revamping The Sims 4 NPCs. The update will improve the looks of flagship NPCs. More specifically, the overhaul focuses on the most popular NPCs.

For the time being, there’s no exact date of release for this update but we hope to see the changes live by mid-2022.

The Goths: Before and after the overhaul

Mortimer Goth


Mortimer Goth has received new face features which include new eye details, such as bags under his eyes, new cheek bones, as well as a new nose and mouth. Overall, the changes make him look his age.

Mortimer could also get a new mustache in the future. That will definitely make him more elegant. Skin tone changes are also on the list.

Bella Goth

Bella Goth has received new facial features, a new nose and mouth, as well as beauty marks. She’ll also get a modern and refined hairstyle. The skin tone has also been changed, she has an olive skin tone now.

The Calientes: Before and after the overhaul

Dina Caliente


Dina Caliente has both Spanish and Middle Eastern facial traits. She now has a a new nose, new eyes, mouth and a different jaw line. The new Dina stays true to her story and ethnicity. She also has brown eyes now and a slightly darker skin tone. New hair color and outfit changes are on the way.

Nina Caliente


Dina Caliente’s skin tone is now a shade darker, just like her sister’s. Her eyes and jaw line are different now. She’s also going to have a slightly different hair color, as well as new outfit options.

What do you think about the upcoming Sims 4 NPC overhaul? Do you like the changes the devs have implemented so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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