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Sims 4: How to interview homeowner about utilities

sims 4 interview homeowner about utilities

If you’re playing The Sims 4 Eco-Lifestyle and you embraced the Civil Designer career path, interviewing homeowners about their bills and utilities is one of your daily work tasks. In this guide, we’ll show you how to ask the right questions when interviewing Sims about their bills.

How do I interview a homeowner about utilities in Sims 4?

To interview a Sim about their bills and utilities, walk up to them and engage in a friendly conversation. Chat with them a bit, and then select the Interview option from the Friendly interactions section.

If you go up to the Sims you’re friends with, sometimes the option may not be available right away. Go up to a townie you’ve never met, chat with them a bit, and check if the Interview option is available.

If it’s not, use the phone, and travel to another town resident. Knock on their door, introduce yourself, engage in small talk a bit, and then use the “Discuss neighborhood changes” interaction. After you use this interaction, the option to interview about utilities should come up as well.

Getting the cold shoulder?

Sometimes, you may get the cold shoulder when you ask Sims about their bills and utilities. That’s more common that you may think. In rare cases, you may even get a strange response that says you have offended the Sim you were trying to interview.

This usually happens when you interview them without chatting with them first. This is valid for friends as well. Strangers tend to get offended when you go straight to the point without first building up a bit of a relationship with them.

Work on your charisma skill and check if you notice any improvements. As you improve your charisma skill, you’ll automatically boost the success rate of your social interactions. So, level up charisma, help your Sim become more confident and you can be sure the other Sims will gladly answer all of the questions you may have about bills and utilities.

And now you know.

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