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Sims 4: What to do if your dog is always dirty


If your Sims own a dog, they need to wash their fury friends every single day. Pets have hygiene needs similar to those of your Sims. Dogs need to be washed daily. Unfortunately, if your dog likes to be dirty, that can be a major problem. Dogs love to roll in trash and puddles whenever they have the chance.

What to do if your dogs constantly get dirty in Sims 4

Discipline your dog

Discipline your dog every time they roll in trash or puddles. Rolling in puddles is a misbehavior that you can train out of them. Make sure to catch them in the act and discipline them on the spot.

Unfortunately, dogs that don’t have the Smart trait are slow learners. You may need to discipline your fury friend several times until they learn to stay away from trash and puddles. This can sometimes be really frustrating, especially if you have a large household.

There should be an option that says something like “Scold for rolling in dirt/puddles/trash”. Scold your dog 3 to 5 times and they should learn not to do it anymore.

Remove temptations

Take out the trash regularly and keep your household as clean as possible to remove temptations. If you  have any of the “woohoo” bushes on your lot, keep your dog away from them. Dogs like to jump in bushes and that can increase the frequency of them getting dirty.

If you live in Brindleton Bay, I have a piece of bad news for you. It rains quite frequently in the region, so there are plenty of puddles your dogs can roll into. Try keeping your dogs inside while it’s raining. Unfortunately, keeping your dog away from puddles is not always possible.

Do you have any additional tips and tricks on how to prevent dogs from getting dirty in Sims 4? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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