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Sims 4 Carnival Streetwear: What’s been revealed so far


The first Sims 4 kit of 2022 is called Carnival Streetwear. This clothing-focused kit is centered on festival and party fashion. Carnival Streetwear is part of a vibrant two-kit series that celebrate fierce design. Let’s explore what’s been revealed, leaked and speculated about this new kit.

Sims 4 Carnival Streetwear highlights

The kit includes bold and colorful clothing items for both women and men. Sims can dance and celebrate all day long.

The pack is expected to include vibrantly colored costumes and clothing items, and many massive parades and festivities that Sims can attend.

There’s also a lot of drag queen vibes around this kit. As a matter of fact, many Sims 4 recognized drag queen Pabllo Vittar in one of the leaked images. As a quick reminder, Vittar also appeared in a Sims ad campaign in 2020.


Also, the colorful houses in the background look very Brazilian and are strikingly similar to the houses you’d see on the streets of Salvador de Bahia.

“Carnival” is actually a general term. It may indicate the devs have included items inspired from many outdoor festivals.


It’s still unclear if Carnival Streetwear brings new nail patters to the game or those available on the leaked images are from Spa Day.

A drag queen inspired kit should feature the best wigs, make-up options and glam outfits. However, this detail has yet to be confirmed.

Carnivals are a big part of Caribbean culture. Players are hoping the devs also added some new afro hairstyles to the game.


If you prefer normal clothes, Carnival Streetwear might be too crazy for you. You may want to skip this kit. On the other hand, if you like club wear, and flashy colors, this kit is perfect for you.

What do you think about Carnival Streetwear? Are you planning to purchase the kit? Let me know in the comments below.


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