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Can I Play The Sims 4 Without Origin? Answered

how to play sims 4 without origin

There is one common question among Sims 4 players that still hasn’t got a clear answer. In this guide, we’re going to shed some light on it and hopefully things will be a lot clearer for Sims 4 fans.

Is there a way to play Sims 4 without Origin? You cannot play The Sims 4 without running Origin. When you first install the game, you need to register with Origin and the game client will automatically start every time you launch the game.

Many players asked that question because they thought there was no way they could play The Sims 4 if Origin was broken. Many thought that was a really strange situation since the game does not require an Internet connection to play but can’t be launched if the game client is broken.

Sometimes, Origin may fail to load and it may take a few minutes or even hours until the service is up and running again.

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Use Origin in Offline Mode

But you can still bypass that by turning off Wi-Fi and you’ll be able to play independently of server problems.

Simply use offline mode for Origin. You’ll be asked to enter your login details and you don’t need an Internet connection to play the game. There’s no need to uninstall and reinstall everything.

In order to play Origin in Offline Mode, you need to first connect to the platform using an Internet connection, download The Sims 4, and then click on the Origin menu and select the Go offline option.

If you want to go back online, you need to click again on the Origin menu and select the Go online option. You may want to go back online from time to time in order to check if there’s new content available and install any pending updates.

And now you know.

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