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Can Minecraft zombies spawn with diamond armor?


Minecraft zombies can spawn with a diamond armor but these are extremely rare events. There is only a 0.04% chance or 1 in 2,500 of a zombie spawning with diamond armor. This is the rarest type of armor that zombies can spawn with.

As a quick reminder, the body diamond armor worn by zombies cannot be damaged. However, their helmets can break if the zombie fails to retreat before daylight or something heavy falls on their head.

By contrast, player armor will wear out with time.

There is a reason why zombies spawning with diamond armor are so rare. If they were spawning all the time, Minecraft would become extremely unbalanced.

If you haven’t found a zombie with a diamond armor, don’t be upset. There are many long-term Minecraft players out there that have been playing the game for years and have yet to encounter one.

How to summon a zombie with diamond armor

You can increase the chances of Minecraft spawning a zombie with diamond armor by increasing local difficulty. To do that, you need to stay in the same area for a long time. The higher the local difficulty, the better your chances of seeing rare mobs.

In other words, by spending lots of hours in the same area, you’ll see more mobs with better armor. Rare events actually become more frequent.

You can reach maximum regional difficulty after spending 50 hours in the same area of your world. After the 50 hour mark, the difficulty level stops increasing. If you’re lucky, you may see a diamond-clad zombie before hitting the 50-hour mark.

Have you ever encountered a zombie with a diamond armor in Minecraft? What did you do? Did you kill it on the spot to get their armor? Let me know in the comments below.

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