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Minecraft: What do zombies drop?

Minecraft what zombies drop

The most common zombie drops in Minecraft are Rotten Flesh and XP. In 2.5% of cases, zombies can also drop potatoes, carrots, and iron ingots. Zombies equipped with picked up armor and tools will always drop their equipment when killed. However, naturally-spawned equipment has only an 8.5% chance of dropping.

Baby zombies only drop 1 piece of rotten flesh and 12 XP when killed. Adult zombies typically drop 5 XP.

⇒ Quick tip: Use a zombie mob spawner to collect carrots and potatoes for your vegetable garden.

How rare is it for zombies to drop carrots, potatoes, or iron ingots?

Carrots, potatoes and iron ingots are rare drops, with a 2.5% chance each. Iron ingots are far more valuable than carrots and potatoes. They have a plethora of uses, and you can use them extensively in crafting.

How do you get zombie items to drop in Minecraft?

To get zombie items to drop in Minecraft, you need to kill them. Rare items will only drop from zombies killed by players or tamed wolves.

⇒ Fun Fact: Zombies killed by a charger creeper drop their heads.

How rare is it for zombies to drop armor?

Zombies rarely drop armor in Minecraft. Naturally-spawned armor only has an 8.5% chance of dropping. You can increase this percentage by increasing the level of Looting you have on your sword. The drop chance increases by 1% per level of looting. For example, Looting Level 3 increases your drop chance from 8.5% to 11.5%.

Naturally-spawned equipment include: Carved Pumpkin, Jack o’Lantern‌, Iron Shovel, Iron Sword, and random armor made of leather, gold, chainmail, iron, or diamond.

One the other hand, picked up items have a 100% chance of dropping.

And now you know.

What’s the coolest item you’ve ever looted after killing a zombie? Let me know in the comments below.

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