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How do I get Yamachan to stay out of my house?


Yamachan is a cute NPC you can find in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape. He’s the town mascot of Mt. Komorebi. Sims can take selfies with Yamachan and also dance with him. Unfortunately, many players complained the mascot often invades their house and won’t leave. Let’s see what you can do to prevent Yamachan from visiting your place.

How to get Yamachan out of your house

You can disable Yamachan’s visits by clicking on one of his statues in town. Find the statue, interact with it and select Disable visits

The bad news is that disabling visits from the statue doesn’t always work. This is a known bug that’s been plaguing Sims 4 players for months. EA is aware of it.

If you’re experiencing similar issues, upvote the bug report on EA’s official website.

You can’t really stop Yamachan

Many players tried deleting Yamachan from the game. Unfortunately, using the “delete object” command doesn’t work. He’ll still find a way to get into your house.

You can lock your doors or even remove all doors. He’ll still find a way to get inside. Building a special basement for him won’t help either. He’ll find a way out.

When he visits your place, he always bakes white winter cakes and makes himself comfortable. You can find him in your tub, drinking juice without worrying what you might think when you find him there. He takes “Mi casa es tu casa” quite literally.

If you have a multi-layer kitchen, things can go really wrong. Yamachan often leaves many cake in the house or discarded cake ingredients which then spoil making your Sims feel uncomfortable. To make the filthy surroundings moodlet go away, you need to find the cake and discarded cake ingredients and get rid of them.

People gave up playing Snowy Escape because of Yamachan

Many players stopped playing Snowy Escape because Yamachan is always around and they can’t use the statue option to disable his visits. Finding him every morning in your kitchen baking white cakes can be really annoying.

For many players, Yamachan is the incarnation of pure chaos. They vowed to stay away from Snowy Escape until EA fixes the bug that prevents players from disabling his visits.

He often uses various objects from the house preventing your Sims from using them.

I am experiencing the same bug in my game (no mods or cc installed). Yamachan visits are disabled, but as soon as I unlock my door, the annoying Yamachan enters my house. I can’t send them home or interact with them other than do the dance or ask for a selfie. The Yamachan tends to play the violin and thus blocks my sims from using it. Please get the game mechanics to work properly.

How do you kill Yamachan in Sims 4?

Many Sims 4 players wanted to get rid of Yamachan so badly that they decided to kill the poor mascot.  Yamachan has been drown, starved, electrocuted, and even set on fire. But nothing can kill him. He always comes back.

If you try to give Yamachan a fatal disease, that won’t have any effect on him. However, your Sims will become sad when he’s there thinkin he’s “dying”. But Yamachan can never die.

Fire won’t touch him either. Even if the whole house is burning, nothing will happen to him.

Is Yamachan visiting you all the time? Have you tried disabling the visits? Did it work? Let me know in the comments below.

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