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Fix: FIFA 22 Pro Clubs stuck on searching for match


Many FIFA players complained Pro Clubs drop in matches is so bugged that the game is literally unplayable. The game sometimes gets stuck on the “Searching for match” screen and players are unable to back out. The only option you have left is to restart the game.

But the problem is that Pro Clubs get stuck again on the same screen even after restarting the game. Let’s explore how you can fix this problem.

FIFA got stuck on the “Searching for match” screen

Update the game

Make sure to update FIFA to the latest version. If this problem is caused by some faulty code sequences, chances are EA have already patched the problem in the latest FIFA update.

So, check for updates, install the latest FIFA updates, restart your computer or console and check the results.

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Change your boots

Try changing your boots and check if the game is still stuck on the “Searching for match” screen. As strange as this workaround might seem, some people confirmed it worked for them.

It doesn’t really matter which boots you select. The important thing is to change them. Don’t forget to correct your position. Sometimes, changing your boots will also change your position.

Was having a nightmare getting a game for the last few hours. Changed my boots. Bam. Game on. Worth a shot. Be interesting to see if it actually works or was just coincidence for me.

Contact EA Support

If the problem persists, contact EA Support. Describe the issue that you’re experiencing in detail and let them know what you’ve tried so far in terms of troubleshooting steps. Hopefully, EA Support will be able to suggests additional solutions.

By the way, if you found other ways to fix this problem, feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

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