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Elden Ring: Why are there two Mohgs?

elden ring why are there two Mohg

There are two Mohgs in Elden Ring: one in Lyndell and another in Siofra River. Let’s find out why this powerful boss appears in two different locations in the game.

Why are there two Mohgs in Elden Ring?

Mohg, Lord of Blood is the real boss while Mohg, The Omen is an illusion. Mohg, the Omen is a decoy as the real Mohg is supposed to be exiled in the sewers of Leyndell. The fact that Mohg, The Omen remains in Leyndell even after you kill the Mohg, Lord of Blood indicates he’s a pure illusion.

Mohg uses the same tactics as his twin brother Morgott. Margit is Morgott’s illusion form. Both Mohg and Morgot come under two different forms: a Shard Bearer form and an illusion form. The idea of split souls/bodies is all over the game.

Gideon seems to confirm this hypothesis. When you return to him after killing Mohg, Lord of Blood he seems surprised to learn where Mohg had been hiding.

Mohg had been hiding in the Blood Palace working on his plans to overthrow the Golden Order. He wasn’t supposed to be doing that. That’s why there’s a decoy in the sewers where he was supposed to be exiled.

As a quick reminder, you’ll find Mohg, Lord of Blood in Siofra River. Mohg, The Omen is hiding in the sewers of Leyndell. Unlike the real Mohg, he doesn’t use voice lines and doesn’t have a second phase.

Do you have to fight Mohg twice?

You don’t have to fight Mohg twice in Elden Ring. Mohg, The Omen is an optional boss. After killing Mohg, Lord of Blood you don’t need to defeat Mohg, The Omen as well to advance into the main story.

What is Mohg weak to?

Mohg is weak to physical damage, hemorrhage and gravity magic. You can use Mohg’s Shackle during his first phase to temporarily paralyze him and hit him hard. During Mohg’s second phase, use a roll-and-evade tactic to deliver one or two quick hits and then retreat. Rinse and repeat until you defeat him.

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How long did you take to defeat Mohg in Elden Ring? Did you take on Mohg, the Omen as well? Let me know in the comments below.

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