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Elden Ring: How to stop accidentally dismounting Torrent


Torrent can be a handy asset during difficult boss fights in Elden Ring. Use your horse to move quicker and successfully avoid enemy attacks. But many Elden Ring players have been complaining they keep on accidentally dismounting Torrent in the midst of fighting. Randomly getting off your horse can get you killed.

If you keep dismounting in Elden Ring, this indicates you accidentally pressed the L3 button on your controller while steering Torrent.

How to prevent accidental dismounts in Elden Ring

To prevent accidental dismounts in Elden Ring, swap the control buttons so that pressing L3 doesn’t trigger crouching or dismounting. For example, set L3 to select items. In this manner, accidentally pressing L3 while riding Torrent won’t get you off your horse.

You can temporarily disable R3/L3 during boss fights. You can remap your controller back to its original settings once the boss fight is over.

Some users suggested that assigning the crouch button to a keyboard key should do the trick.

If you tend to press on your controls slightly harder when in the midst of a difficult fight, you should definitely remap the L3 button to avoid accidentally dismounting Torrent when under attack.

Have you remapped L3? Are you still randomly dismounting your horse? Let me know in the comments below.

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