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Elden Ring: What are those knee-high stone pillars?


As you’re roaming The Lands Between, you’ll come across many intriguing stone pillars. They look like mini obelisks. Let’s see what they do!

What are those small stone pillars in Elden Ring?

The small pointy stone pillars in Elden Ring are summoning monuments. They’re located near bosses and other tough enemies. They let you summon Spirit Ashes. You’ll also see the white gravestone icon on your screen when you’re near these pillars.

You can find them everywhere on the map, even inside dungeons.

When you’re immersed into the Elden Ring gameplay, it can be difficult to spot the small summoning icon in the left hand corner of your screen. By adding those small intriguing pillars, the devs made sure you notice Spirit Ashes are available in that area.

Don’t hesitate to use your Spirit Ashes and summon help when dealing with major bosses. Taking on tough enemies by yourself is not a good idea, especially when you’re fighting them for the first time. Use summons to make your task easier and defeat bosses and other tough enemies faster.


The small obelisk-shaped pillars in Elden Ring indicate summons are available. When you’re near one, you can summon Spirits to help you in combat.

And now you know.

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