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How to delete a Sim in the Sims 4

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If you no longer like your Sim, you can delete it from the game. Now, you want to delete your Sim correctly, otherwise you may have a surprise the next time someone knocks on your door. Yes, your Sim may decide to pay you a visit out of nowhere.

If you want to permanently delete your Sim, follow the instructions below.

How to permanently delete a Sim in The Sims 4

  1. Go to Manage World -> save the current game in case anything goes wrong or you simply change your mind
  2. Select the household that you want to edit
  3. Locate the house where your Sim lives
  4. Click on it -> open the Manage Household screen
  5. Now, go and click on the … icon -> select Manage Household
  6. To delete a Sim permanently, go to the Create A Sim menu -> hover over the icon of the Sim you want to deletepermanently delete sim
  7. Click on the X button when it appears on the screen and confirm your choice. That’s it, your Sim is now history.

How to move a Sim to another household

If you change your mind and you decide to give your Sim another chance, you can simply move it to another household. This action won’t permanently delete it from the game.

  1. Go to the Manage Household screen -> click on the  transfer icon (two arrows)
  2. On the left hand pane, you’ll see a list of all your Sims -> the right pane is empty
  3. Click on the “Create New Household” option > select the Sim you want to transfer
  4. Click on the right-arrow to transfer it.

There you go, this is how you can delete a Sim for good. Hope this article was helpful.

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