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List of essential features missing from Battlefield 2042


If you’re a long-time Battlefield player, you may have already noticed there are many features from older BF games that Battlefield 2042 doesn’t support. For example, there’s no voice chat, no server browser, no single-player campaign mode, just to name a few.

Redditors have compiled a list of all the essential features missing from Battlefield 2042. Let’s review the most important ones.

Core features missing from Battlefield 2042

  • No voice chat
  • No scoreboards
  • No Hardcore mode
  • No server browser
  • No XP gained from Portal
  • No infantry focused maps
  • No persistent lobbies
  • No global leader boards
  • No custom emblems
  • No commander
  • No spectator mode
  • No leaning
  • No rolling
  • No crouch running
  • No ammo or health pickup off teammates
  • No tank turret decoupling and no tank zoom options

Battlefield 2042 downgraded features

  • Fewer destructible buildings. Destruction as you know it is gone.
  • Only two game modes available
  • No discernable difference between operators
  • Fewer in-game assignments
  • Fewer character customization options
  • Fewer guns
  • Only one anti-tank launcher
  • Fewer vehicle types

The list doesn’t end here. One area that has been particularly downgraded is teamwork.

Missing teamwork features in Battlefield 2042

  • No special squad call-in abilities
  • No squad field upgrades
  • Fewer factions
  • No cross-team chat
  • No team changing
  • No “Create new squad” option
  • No view of squad mates while in the spawn screen
  • No “Medic incoming” indicator in downed state
  • No rank names/icons, just a number.

Upcoming features

The good news is that DICE is working on adding some of these features and options. Some of them will be available in the coming weeks or month. No timeline has been clearly established so far.

Upcoming Battlefield 2042 features include: in-game voice chat, platoons, and “Medic incoming” indicator.

Why do you think DICE decided to remove many essential game features? Are there any other features you’d like them to add to the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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