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Battlefield 2042 kills still not counting in Solo and Co-op


Many gamers complained about Battlefield 2042 kills not counting towards unlocks and attachments. This is a major issue for players. No matter how hard they try to score as many kills as possible, the game doesn’t reward their efforts. Simply put, there is no weapon unlock progression after meeting the required amount of kills.

Why aren’t my kills counting in Battlefield 2042?

Co-op matches with AI don’t support progression and unlockable items at the moment. Basically, you can’t unlock anything. There is no ribbon, weapon, vehicle, and mastery assignment progress. DICE and EA took this decision in response to farming bots.

Given the current situation, many players agree that playing co-op with AI is a waste of time. They suggested that DICE should at least enable progression for the hardest difficulty bots to give people some reason to play.

Unfortunately, not everybody can get into multiplayer matches due to server issues or bandwidth problems.

EA to let players level up weapons in Solo and Co-op

The good news is that EA confirmed this was only a temporary situation. The company said it would add weapon unlock progression to Battlefield 2042 in Solo and Co-op in the future.

To answer your question about Battlefield 2042 weapon levelling in co-op. It will be possible to level your weapons and gain XP by playing Solo and co-op. It is being introduced back into the game asap, more details can be found through our social media pages and forums so please keep an eye on those for further updates.

Unfortunately, EA has yet to reveal the exact date when this feature will be available for all players. The game has been out for almost three weeks and gamers are quickly losing their patience.

Many BF 2042 gamers said they would have never bought the game had they known there would be no weapon progression.

Weapon progression is straight up disabled in Portal and it looks like it’s not coming back. Had I known this before I wouldn’t have bought the game.

Many players are planning to ditch the game completely if EA fails to fix progression by early December.

The most annoying part is that the forum thread on weapon progression is burning hot but community managers act as if it didn’t exist.

Not even one of the community managers here said anything.
It’s not like this topic is burning hot and every day on Page 1

If DICE and EA don’t add weapon progression to the game, most likely, the next Battlefield release will flop big time.

What do you think about this whole situation? Do you feel DICE and EA betrayed your expectations? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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