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My Xbox says the game is not playable on this device


When you try to install a new game on your Xbox console, you may sometimes get an alert that says the game is not playable on your device. As a result, you can’t install the game on your console. Let’s discuss why this alert pops up on the screen in the first place.

Why does my Xbox say the game is not playable on this device?

Double-check the console model and game version

This alert usually pops up when you’re trying to download exclusive Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S games on Xbox One X or Xbox One S consoles. Always double-check the hardware requirements of the games you’re planning to download.

Xbox One X and S are based on rather old technology, they’re old console models. On the other hand, Xbox Series X and S are current-gen consoles. The difference in performance is clearly noticeable as current-gen Xbox consoles sport better hardware and improved features.

To make things clear:

  • Xbox One X Xbox Series X
  • Xbox One S Xbox Series S

Let’s take the latest Flight Simulator version as an example. Xbox One S consoles can’t run this demanding game. The game is only available for Xbox Series S and X consoles, as well as PCs. You can’t run games designed for the Xbox Series X/S on Xbox One X/S consoles.

The naming convention might confuse players

Perhaps Microsoft should have used a different naming convention for its consoles. The fact that Xbox One has an S and an X model, and then the company released the Xbox Series S and X models can lead to confusion, especially if you haven’t owned an Xbox console before.

Instead of saying “Optimized for Series X/S“, Microsoft should actually say “Only for Series X/S” to clear up confusion. Additionally, the company should also remove Xbox Series X/S exclusive games from the Xbox One store.


If the Xbox Store says that a certain game is not playable on your device, this indicates the title is not compatible with your Xbox model. Make sure you’re not trying to install an Xbox Series X/S exclusive game on an Xbox One X/S console.

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