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What does it mean to study opponents in Sims 4?


Studying opponents in The Sims 4 means analyzing your opponents’ athletic performance in order to identify their strong points and weaknesses. This activity allows Sims that follow the Professional Athlete route to get earn rewards and get an edge over their opponents in games.

Athletes are required to study their opponents on a daily basis to get promoted faster. That’s one of their daily tasks.

Select the Professional Athlete track

  1. Have your Sim pick up the phone and look for a job
  2. Select the Athlete profession
  3. Level up your Sim’s skill
  4. After reaching Career Level 5, select the Professional Athlete track

You can now begin to study your opponents.

How to study opponents in The Sims 4

  1. Get the Energized moodlet
  2. Click on your computer
  3. Select the Web option
  4. Select Study Opponents
  5. Wait until your Sims completes the tasks

Sims with the Energized buff experience reduced Energy decay while studying their opponents.

You can also use a TV set to study your opponents. The whole process takes about 2 Sim hours to complete.

⇒ Quick Tip: Put a TV in front of your treadmill and you can study your opponents while working out.

After reaching Career Level 10 in the Professional Athlete route, you Sim will earn over 330 Simoleons per hour.

Studying opponents in the Professional Athlete branch will unlock the following rewards:

  • Minor League: Earn $51 per hour and get a $413 Bonus
  • Rookie: Earn $66/hour, and get a $537 bonus
  • Starter: Earn $86/hour, and get a $698 bonus
  • All-Star: Earn $130/hour, and get a $605 bonus
  • MVP: Earn $242/hour, and get a $908 bonus
  • Hall of Famer: Earn $333 per hour, and get a $1,452 bonus

And now you know.

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