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How to make Sims stop being scared of thunderstorms


All Sims are naturally scared of thunderstorms. As a matter of fact, even if your Sim has the Storm Chaser trait, they may still get the Scared of thunderstorms buff. The Scared buff will remain on the screen through the entirety of the storm. Let’s see what you can do to help your Sims fight their fears.

How do you make Sims stop being scared of thunderstorms?

  • Have your Sim tell another Sim that they love rain. If your Sim walk up to another Sim and they tell them they absolutely love rain, their fear goes away instantly. This is a very useful tip to quickly get rid of the Scared buff.
  • Override the Scared buff with a positive emotion. This workaround yields very good results with toddlers. It works for adult Sims as well, but you’ll get faster results with toddlers.
  • Turn off thunderstorms. If you need a break from thunderstorms, you can disable them. Go to Game Options, locate the Seasons tab and disable Rain and Thunderstorms.

Here’s how the Scared of Thunderstorms buff works

Adult Sims will often be scared of storms and receive a tense Scared of Thunderstorms buff even when they’re inside a building. If they’re out there when the storm breaks out, they’ll get a stronger What Am I Doing Out Here?! buff instead.

On the other hand, Sims that have the a Loves Outdoors & Insane personality won’t get those buffs. Sims who are Self-Assured and Sims in the Confident Emotion won’t get the he Scared of Thunderstorms buff either.

The Storm Chaser trait can alleviate this fear. However, this trait is not available for toddlers. As a result, they’ll stay sad the whole time during storms. The solution is to get some other positive moodlet to override the Scared buff. The good news is that their fear of thunderstorms should go away when they hit teen age.


To make Sims stop being scared of thunderstorms, have your Sim tell another Sim that they love rain. Additionally, try overriding the Scared buff with a positive emotion. You can also turn off thunderstorms from game settings.

And now you know!

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