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Fix: Sims 4 crashes when using lots with mannequins


When you try to place down a retail lot with mannequins, The Sims 4 will instantly crash. On the other hand, retail shops without mannequins loads perfectly fine. The problem is with the mannequins.

This bug has been plaguing Sims 4 players for months. Let’s see how you can fix it.

Avoid lots with dressed mannequins

The Sims 4 often crashes when placing lot with dressed mannequins. Players have confirmed that lots with undressed mannequins and rooms with dressed mannequins won’t crash the game.

Your game should be fine as long as you don’t use lots with dressed mannequins from the Gallery.

My game crashes with the dressed mannequins on the lot but it works perfectly fine when I place down a retail store with the undressed mannequins. I would also like to add, retail stores work perfectly fine with zero mannequins in the build.

Disable Get to Work

  1. Launch Origin
  2. Navigate to Game properties
  3. Select Advanced launch option
  4. Enter -disablepacks:EP01 in the command line input
  5. Then, go in the game again
  6. Place the lot and all of the mannequins will be automatically removed
  7. Save the lot to your library
  8. Enable “Get to Work” again
  9. Place the lot without mannequins and check if the game still crashes

You can try to put the mannequins back to your lot after placing it. It seems that Sims 4 crashes only if you try to place lots from your Gallery or EA’s.

Use Ravasheen’s mannequin bug fix mod

Ravasheen has created a special mod to prevent lots with mannequins from crashing the game. This mod overrides all mannequin settings and turns your mannequins into non-mannequins. In other words, when you load your lot, your mannequins will loose their outfits and poses but at least The Sims 4 won’t crash.


To prevent lots with mannequins from crashing The Sims 4, download them unfurnished, redress the mannequins, and save the lots again. This should make them placeable without crashing the game.

The Sims 4 crashes only when you place a lot with mannequins from the Gallery. Build your own lots with mannequins to prevent the game from crashing. Alternatively, use Ravasheen’s mannequin bug fix mod.


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