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The Sims 4: Little Campers Kit items revealed


If you play a lot with child Sims, you can now organize an epic camping night right in your backyard. The Little Campers kit is an outdoor-themed kit that packs a plethora of interesting camping items and activities.

Little Campers Kit brings back fond childhood memories

The Little Campers kit includes all the items you need to organize the perfect outdoor cinema experience for your Sims. Here’s what’s included:

  • A new firepit: Kids can gather around a uniquely designed firepit to stay warm all night long. They can also roast marshmallows with their friends.
  • Outdoor lanterns: Use them to illuminate your garden at night
  • New string lights: Add a warm ambiance to your backyard
  • Outdoor projector and cinema screen: Turn a white sheet into an outdoor cinema screen, and watch movies in the backyard
  • Floor pillows: Kids can sit on floor pillows and watch their favorite movies on an outdoor cinema screen
  • New chairs: Sims can sit on froggy chairs and watch movies all night long
  • Outdoor bed: There’s a new outdoor bed that Sims can rest on when they get tired
  • Lattice swing set: Swing sets are so much fun for kids of all ages
  • Blanket fort: Kids can make a blanket fort and enjoy countless hours of fun
  • New stuffed animals: Kids can improve their communication skills by talking to new stuffed animals

Take a look at the images below to see get a glimpse of the new items.


Image courtesy: SimMattically

There’s more!


Image courtesy: SimMattically

If you have Movie Hangout installed, you can project your favorite movies on your outdoor cinema screen. Watching movies on a giant backyard screen will definitely make your Sims happy.

→ Many thanks to SimMattically for the tip!

Are you planning to get the new kit? What are your favorite new items? Hit the comments below.

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