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PS5 games create too many save files and that’s an issue


Many PS5 games create way too many save files. Unfortunately, your console doesn’t overwrite any of them. So, instead of deleting old saves as new ones are created, your PS5 keeps all the saves. As the number of saves grows larger and larger, they may end up taking a few GB of storage space — and that’s just for one game.

You can’t delete individual game saves on PS5

To make things worse, you can’t just go into the save data folder and delete files individually. This was possible on the PS4, but not on the PS5. You can’t delete individual game save files on the PS5.

If you delete a game save file, you’ll actually delete everything in that folder. There is no way to delete individual characters or game save files. It’s either all or none.

If you navigate to Saved Games, and select PS5, and then Delete, you’ll see a list of games. But there’s no option to open each game individually to delete different save files.

Not allowing users to delete saves on the system end or the game’s end is a very strange choice on Sony’s part. As auto saves keep piling up, you’ll end up with gigabytes of save files.

Every bit of storage space on the PS5 is precious. Games that simply add autosaves instead of overwriting existing autosaves will face storage space issues, as well as file corruption glitches. As time goes on, this may potentially become a major issue.

External storage is a game changer

The game save system on PS5 definitely needs an overhaul. It’s separated into too many areas, and brings too many limitations. Until Sony improves it, you can use an external hard drive to store your games. The other option is, of course, to buy more cloud storage space.

What do you think about the current game save system on the PS5? Do you feel it’s limiting you way too much? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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