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What Can I Do With Origin Points?

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If you play Origin games, you must have noticed the platform supports a feature called Origin Points. But for many gamers, Origin Points are still a great mystery.

The purpose of this guide is to unveil this mystery and answer the following  questions:

  • What are Origin Points?
  • What do you spend Origin Points on?
  • What is the point of Origin Points?
  • Can you do anything with Origin Points?
  • How do I redeem Origin Points?

What you need to know about Origin Points

What are Origin Points?

Origin Points are a representation of your gaming expertise, talent and dedication on Origin. They help gamers track their achievements in EA’s games.

Players get these points simply by playing their favorite games, spending more time logged in to Origin and unlocking more game achievements.

What do you spend Origin Points on?

Origin Points can’t be used as a currency. Think of them as a confirmation of your achievements as a gamer. They only stand proof of your gaming abilities and experience but they don’t serve as currency. You can’t buy anything using Origin Points. You can’t use them to get discounts either.

Speaking about spending your points, if you’re interested in purchasing DLC or other game items for older Bioware games, you can use Bioware Points.

Keep in mind that Origin and Bioware Points are not the same. There is no connection between the two.

What is the point of Origin Points?

Origin Points are just for stats. They can also be viewed as a feel good factor. It’s a known fact that gamification methods (such as these points) make users spend more time on the platform.

These points are also a psychological method of behavioral conditioning. Achievement-driven users will obviously spend more time playing Origin games if one of their goals is to get more Origin Points. Being active on the platform as often as possible, increases the chances of users spending more money on new Origin games — which is one of the ways you can get more points.

Origin fans also like to boast about their Origin Points to show their dedication and loyalty to the platform.

Can you do anything with Origin Points?

You can’t really do anything with Origin Points, you can’t convert them into in-game items or use them to purchase DLCs or get discounts.

As of writing, there’s been 7 years since  EA launched the Origin Points system, yet there is no clear point to the points from the gamers’ point of view (pun intended).

How do I redeem Origin Points?

You can’t actually redeem your Origin Points because they’re only a visual representation of your game achievements and time spent on the platform.

You can’t exchange Origin Points for free in-game content, discounts and other such items. Practically speaking, you can’t do anything with Origin Points.

What gamers say about Origin Points

Many gamers said they would love to see Origin Points used in some way. They suggested EA should allow players to use Origin Points to get at least some cosmetic items.

Others said the points are proof of gamers’ loyalty to the platform and they should be somehow rewarded for that. Many drew a parallel to Ubisoft’s system and the fact that the company lets players use Ubisoft points to get in-game rewards or discounts.

There are also players who suggested that users should get a free month of Origin Access once they reach 5,000 points.

Some gamers suggested that EA could let users spend Origin Points to get discounts for less popular games. In this manner, the company could promote games that are less popular thanks to discounts.


EA introduced Origin Points in May 2013. It’s been 7 years since this system was introduced, yet there are no practical benefits in it for gamers.

It seems that the only role of these points it to encourage gamers to spend more time playing games on Origin. The more they play, the more achievements they unlock, the more points they get.

But from a practical point of view, there is nothing gamers can do with Origin Points: they can’t get discounts nor free access to certain games.

If you’re an Origin user, hit the comments below and share your thoughts on this topic.


2 thoughts on “What Can I Do With Origin Points?”

  1. Origin Points….would of been nice to use them in a Christmas event. Like for playing Origin you get free VIP or gifts maybe…Like a Battlefield V Hat, Shirt, or Jacket. For others a poster, key chain, glasses. Finally if you play Origin for a whole year you basically could get 1 free game or 2. THESE ARE JUST MY SUGGETSIONS. ~_~, anyhow Origin Battlefield 1 and 5 are my favorite.

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