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Why is it so hard to make friends on Steam?


Finding Steam friends to play your favorite games with is not easy. Your gaming tastes may change as you’re getting older, and your friends may no longer share your interests.

This difference in gaming tastes becomes more visible in co-op games. Playing co-op with real-life friends is more exciting than playing with a bunch of random people the game matched you with.

So, what can you do when you’re struggling to find friends to play games on Steam? I’ve got a few tips for you as I’ve been struggling with this issue myself lately.

Why is it so difficult to make friends on Steam?

Why are people so rude on Steam?

Nowadays, matches can last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes and Steam randomly puts players into lobbies. If you make a mistake, the other players, including your teammates, will often troll you. The toxicity level on Steam is so high that most players don’t really think you can go any deeper than a few tactical comments.

Random matchmaking killed gaming communities

Unfortunately, in-game communities are dead these days. Most games no longer support dedicated servers, as the devs prefer to randomly match players instead. Dedicated servers actually allowed gamers to get to know other players over time. People tend to prefer familiar things. That’s why many gamers came back to the same servers building true gaming communities.

Gaming as a competition

Most gamers are no longer interested in gaming simply for the fun of gaming. Instead, everybody wants to unlock as many achievements as they possibly can. Players are more interested in the end result, and they’ve become more individualistic than ever.

How can I make friends on Steam?

Get the ball rolling

Play the multiplayer games you enjoy, and get social while waiting in the lobby. Don’t be shy and use your mic in-game. Talking to your teammates is faster than stopping midgame to type. The thing is that most people are too shy to initiate the discussion, so why don’t you break the ice? If people are friendly, you’ll quickly find a topic of conversation. If they’re rude, don’t waste any time, finish the current match and once the game is over, look for a different group.

Find like-minded gamers

I know, that’s the hardest part in this equation. Mutual interests goes a long way. If you mesh well with another player, ask them if they’d like to play together again sometime. If the answer is Yes, you can trade Steam names, and send them a friend request.

Join LFGs for specific games

Making friends with people who share the same gaming interests is always easier than befriending random players. At least, you’ve got something in common with that person.

Use Reddit and Discord groups

Community building usually takes place out of Steam. Reddit and Discord groups play an important role as social hubs for gamers. You can actually engage in friendly conversations with fellow gamers on Reddit and Discord, especially if they share your gaming interests.

For example, there’s a Reddit group called “Find friends on Steam” that does exactly that.

You can use these two platforms to connect with like-minded gamers and play games together.

If you’ve got additional tips on how to make friends on Steam, feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.


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