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Life is Strange True Colors: Where is Riley?


If you’re having a hard time finding Riley in Life is Strange: True Colors, you’re not the only one. Finding Riley in a challenge in itself but BGT has come to your rescue.

Where can I find Riley in Life is Strange: True Colors?

One of your main objectives in Chapter 2 is to speak with Riley. To find her, head to a building called The Silver Dragon. There’s an alleyway near the side wall that has a huge mural on it. Riley is waiting for you on a bench at the far end of the alleyway.

Once you’ve found Riley, walk up to her and talk to her. She’ll give you enough information to help you move forward with Chapter 2.


The context

Alex Chen, the playable character of Life is Strange: True Colors, finally reunites with her brother Gabe after eight years apart. Unfortunately, her brother dies in a mysterious way shortly after they reunite.

Alex senses that perhaps her brother’s death wasn’t accidental. After meeting with Mac, a strange resident of the town of Haven Springs, she decides to speak with Riley Lethe.

Riley is Mac’s ex-girlfriend. Alex suspects that Riley might know something about her brother’s death. And so, she decides to look for Riley.

Riley works at a flower shop called Lethe’s Flowers. At first, you may be tempted to go look for her at the flower shop where she spends most of her time. But you won’t find her there. She’s waiting for you in an alleyway near the The Silver Dragon building.

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