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How do you get rid of the possessed buff in Sims 4?


If you have the StrangerVille expansion pack installed, your Sims may suddenly become possessed. This buff instantly overrides all the other emotions. Players have limited control over possessed Sims. They will constantly ignore your instructions and engage in strange interactions instead. For example, they may wander around or talk about the “Mother” all the time.

So, how do you snap Sims out of the Possessed emotion? Let’s find out!

How do you stop being possessed in Sims 4?

Slap Sims out of the Possessed buff

You can wake up possessed Sims simply by slapping them. For this method to work, you need to have a high enough relationship with them. If you’re not good friends, the possessed Sim will catch your Sim’s hand and bend it backwards preventing you from slapping them.

Unfortunately, this workaround is not guaranteed to work. Sometimes, even if you have a close relationship with the possesses Sim, they can still prevent you from slapping them. It may take several attempts to successfully slap them and cancel the effects of the Possessed buff.

Develop a vaccine to cure possessed Sims

Another option, which takes more time, is to actually remove the Infected trait altogether. To do that, you need to play through the StrangerVille story and collect a few handy items that will help you create a vaccine to cure possessed Sims and eradicate the source of infection.

You need to collect a Hazmat suit, spore filter, and infection scanner. Keep on playing until you unlock the machines in the secret lab. You can now develop experimental vaccines. Use the vaccines on three possesses Sims to learn how to develop the true cure vaccine. Drink it, and you’ll instantly get rid of the Infected trait permanently. Yes, this means you’ll will never get possessed again.

Why does my Sim keep getting possessed?

Sims that eat the Bizarre Fruit once automatically get possessed every once in a while, usually between midnight to 5 AM. Inhaling the fumes from the toxic spore hallway in the Secret Lab will temporarily trigger the Possessed buff as well.


You can wake possessed Sims up by slapping them provided that you have a high enough relationship with them. Alternatively, you can also develop a vaccine to remove the Infected trait and permanently cure possessed Sims.

And now you know.


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